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Latest removal instructions and information added.
Listen to everyone who downloaded the SuperAntiSpyware. 15 day free trial. It got rid of the Dumb joke blue screen that\'s been killing me for the past few days, and now lets me back in to Window automatic updates. Fixed my pop up ad problem that came along with the joke blue screen. Also found some other foreign stuff my McAfee didn\'t find. Think I might have to fork out the $30.00 bucks when the trial ends!.
You can read more about this malware Joke-Bluescreen.c

Thank you so much for posting this! I downladed SuperAntispyware and it took care of the problem. My computer had the bluescreen screensaver and also a Protector 2008, both evidently came in on the same \"horse\". Superantispyware is a life saver..
You can read more about this malware Joke-Bluescreen.c

could you please advise me how to remove adware-simbar from my home computer browser i have windowsxp, and internet explorer(google), it is causing problems with some of the sites i visit, your support and help would be much appreciated, as i am only new to computers and the internet. cheers paul..
You can read more about this malware Adware-Simbar

Thank you........I read above to download the free version of superantispyware Professional. I did and did a fast scan and removed 80 malware and virus items including joke-bluescreen. Rebooted and am doing a full scan right now to see if all is gone. Thx amillion.......Arnie.
You can read more about this malware Joke-Bluescreen.c

My name is arnie and I concur with the above. No matter what I do I can not get rid of it. I have tried manual removal, regedit removal, McAfee and Spyware
You can read more about this malware Joke-Bluescreen.c

Hi John ( Thanks for your input. However, when selecting the bad one and attempting to remove it, it advises me that the program is in use/access denied. Therefore, it will not allow me to remove it. Are there any other ideas that you may have? Again, thanks for your input. (
You can read more about this malware Joke-Bluescreen.c

This malicous virus/malware/screensaver has infected my system from out of no where. I run medium-high security a firewall through McAfee and Comcast. Have attempted all the various un-install techniques I\'ve found and have not been able to remove as of yet. Am attempting a manual registry edit followed sorting files in C:\\windows\\system32 by \'last-modified-date and wildcard search (type *.scr in the search box to find all screensaver files. Then select the bad one and delete it. Remember nothing is free on the ionternet not even these terrible little bugs (time right). John (
You can read more about this malware Joke-Bluescreen.c

this Super AntiSpayware had Trojan Virus when i downloaded & i tired the above steps , but it did not work. Warning screen appeared after 5 mins instead of at the startup..
You can read more about this malware Joke-Bluescreen.c

Download SuperAntiSpyware (Free edition). After installation, go to Preferences and under Repair tab is a selection for Remove/Reset Windows Desktop Background/Wallpaper. Select and run this and your problem will be solved..
You can read more about this malware Joke-Bluescreen.c

Download fixwareout it work to nearly all Viruses and Spywares it has i use it myself all the time.
You can read more about this malware Trojan.Nebuler

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